Introducing Academies, a new revolutionary learning concept

All workshops will be organized in blocks of progressive workshops of 4 hours dedicated to a dance style or theme, for example Salsa on2, or Kizomba. Those blocks we call „Academies“. On Friday we will have 5 Academies parallel, on Saturday 8 Academies and on Sunday 7 Academies. 

We will ask you to make a choice and sign in

After you registered we will ask you to sign in for the Academies you have purchased using the "Sched" application. Signing in for an Academy is not a final decision, you will still be able to swap between Academies, even on the spot, though we do not encourage you to do so, as they are progressive units of learning. 

Academies marked "FULL! Do NOT sign in any more!"
Those Academies are REALLY FULL and that won’t change as they are in the smaller rooms so that the capacity can not be extended. Take this for serious, and do NOT sign in any more. You won’t get off the waiting list. And you won’t get in either on the spot. Use the time now and sign in for another Academy which is not marked FULL.

Academies marked "Filling"
Each Academy has set limited of attendees. Once we reached 70% of that threshold the Academy is marked "Filling". You can sign up for those Academies.

Academies marked "Full"
Once reached the threshold it is marked "Full". You can still sign up but you will be set on the waiting list. We monitor the number of attendees for each Academy including the waiting list and if needed we will change the rooms so you have good chances even if set on the waiting list. That is different to the Academies described before with "FULL! Do NOT sign in any more!".

Using Sched to connect and coordinate with your friends

Once you created your profile on Sched, we encourage you to set your profile to "public" - this will allow your friends to see for which Academies you have signed up for and you can check if you have choosen the same Academies as your friends. You may also connect your profile with your Facebook profile. When you’ve got your social media channels connected, you’ll see a number highlighting how many friends are also attending your event. Click “Attendees” to see which friends are also attending. Only friends that have also connected their social networks will be indicated with the red marker.

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Saturday, October 6 • 10:30 - 14:45
School of Performing Arts - Part I (Performer Upgrade required) FILLING
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Limited Capacity filling up

Recommended Level 7 - 10. This Academy is meant for those performing (Stargate or Semi-Pro). The order of the instructors here in the description does NOT reflect the order they will be teaching. There will be 3 breaks during the Academy - the exact times of the breaks will be determined by the instructors.
Academy Guide: In the School of Performing Arts our focus is on putting across and enhance those skills which are needed to execute a great and entertaining show. We will work on your individual presence on stage, your connection with the audience, stunts, speed & timing, turning skills, body tension, and proper interpretation of the music. The focus will not be to learn new combinations or footwork, even though they might be used to train and demonstrate the aspects mentioned above.
The individual emphasis of the instructors:
  • Poetic Motion - Connection on stage in team and couple, using fully the stage
  • OtraDanz - Connection with audience, integration of body moves
  • New York Movement - Turning skills, entertaining the audience with elaborated choreographies 
  • Zunaira & Quincy - Skills needed to execute clean stunts, integrate contemporary moves

avatar for Johnny & Gina

Johnny & Gina

Poetic Motion
COMMUNITY. Johnny & Gina are the founders and leaders of Poetic Motion, currently one of the most innovative dance companies in Holland. They are incredibly creative in their truly entertaining shows displaying plenty of joy and fun when dancing. The same creativity they apply to... Read More →
avatar for OtraDanz - NEW!

OtraDanz - NEW!

TALENT. OtraDanz is a collection of some of the UK’s top Latin dance talent, creating a group with vast experience and knowledge of dance, to represent their work as teachers, choreographers and performers at the highest level. Otradanz which can mean ‘in another way’ or ‘expressed... Read More →
avatar for New York Movement - NEW!

New York Movement - NEW!

PURITY. The new kids on the block! The NY Movement is a collection of some of New York City’s top salsa dancers uniting to represent NYC all over the world. Founded in 2016 they took the stages in various events by storm with their highly energetic choreographies. Each of the three... Read More →
avatar for Zunaira & Quincy - NEW!

Zunaira & Quincy - NEW!

ELEGANCE. Watching Zunaira dance you immediately can guess that she had a classical training. A 11 year long training which provided a solid foundation for many other dances she incorporated now over time. Zunaira offers a blend of Latin Dance mixed with classical, modern & contemporary... Read More →

Saturday October 6, 2018 10:30 - 14:45 CEST
Sportshall Schöneberger Straße 9, Berlin, Deutschland
  Performer Skills, Level 7 - 10