Introducing Academies, a new revolutionary learning concept

All workshops will be organized in blocks of progressive workshops of 4 hours dedicated to a dance style or theme, for example Salsa on2, or Kizomba. Those blocks we call „Academies“. On Friday we will have 5 Academies parallel, on Saturday 8 Academies and on Sunday 7 Academies. 

We will ask you to make a choice and sign in

After you registered we will ask you to sign in for the Academies you have purchased using the "Sched" application. Signing in for an Academy is not a final decision, you will still be able to swap between Academies, even on the spot, though we do not encourage you to do so, as they are progressive units of learning. 

Academies marked "FULL! Do NOT sign in any more!"
Those Academies are REALLY FULL and that won’t change as they are in the smaller rooms so that the capacity can not be extended. Take this for serious, and do NOT sign in any more. You won’t get off the waiting list. And you won’t get in either on the spot. Use the time now and sign in for another Academy which is not marked FULL.

Academies marked "Filling"
Each Academy has set limited of attendees. Once we reached 70% of that threshold the Academy is marked "Filling". You can sign up for those Academies.

Academies marked "Full"
Once reached the threshold it is marked "Full". You can still sign up but you will be set on the waiting list. We monitor the number of attendees for each Academy including the waiting list and if needed we will change the rooms so you have good chances even if set on the waiting list. That is different to the Academies described before with "FULL! Do NOT sign in any more!".

Using Sched to connect and coordinate with your friends

Once you created your profile on Sched, we encourage you to set your profile to "public" - this will allow your friends to see for which Academies you have signed up for and you can check if you have choosen the same Academies as your friends. You may also connect your profile with your Facebook profile. When you’ve got your social media channels connected, you’ll see a number highlighting how many friends are also attending your event. Click “Attendees” to see which friends are also attending. Only friends that have also connected their social networks will be indicated with the red marker.

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Saturday, October 6 • 11:00 - 15:30
On 1 Academy - Part I FILLING
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Limited Capacity filling up

Recommended Level 4 - 7. Important - please mind the level! Check and read carefully the page/tap "Find Your Level" here in the Sched application in order to classify yourself and find the Academies which fit your level. The order of the instructors here in the description does NOT reflect the order they will be teaching. There will be 3 breaks during the Academy - the exact times of the breaks will be determined by the instructors.
Academy Guide: Most of us are dancing on1 before we (if at all) join the exclusive club of the on2 dancers. In this Academy your instructors will consolidate your on1 dancing skills and offer you new options. They will also show and offer you moves from other dance styles demonstrating the true sense of "Salsa". An emphasis of this Academy will be on leading/following skills: What makes you a good leader or follower?
The individual emphasis of the different instructors:
Supermario - Combinations for the dance floor which work everywhere, how to make your partner happy.
Osbanis & Anneta - Traditional cuban moves for cross body dancers, musicality, structure of music.
Jose & Nerea, Euphoria DC - Best techniques for leading & following, dancing in restricted space.
Conny & Dado - Dance floor tactics, how to maintain the flow and the fun in your couple dance.

avatar for Osbanis & Anneta

Osbanis & Anneta

CLOSENESS. Osbanis & Anneta representing perfectly the fun you can have with Cuban Salsa. They are an amazing lovely couple which shows perfectly how close and how connected as dancers you can become - on stage and in class and in life. They feature deeply profound knowledge of all... Read More →
avatar for Conny & Dado - NEW!

Conny & Dado - NEW!

Tanzschule Conny & Dado
PLAYFULNESS. Conny & Dado are always up for some fun in their classes.This beautiful and hard working couple is full of humour and they will teach you to take your dancing not too seriously. During their classes they emphasize the feminine and the masculine interpretation of music... Read More →
avatar for Euphoria DC - NEW!

Euphoria DC - NEW!

LEGACY. Euphoria DC led by choreographer Jose Diaz from New York is representing the pure Mambo style originating from New York. Jose was for a long time one of the main members of Yamulee DC. He is happy to share all his knowledge with you in his classes. Together with Nerea Perez... Read More →
avatar for Supermario


Million Moves Man
KNOWLEDGE. Supermario is the Million Moves Man. Actually needless to introduce this incredible teacher and social dancer teaching since 1998. For many years already he is travelling 50 weekends every year - generations of dancers have learned from him! He will give you some partnerwork... Read More →

Saturday October 6, 2018 11:00 - 15:30 CEST
Relexa - Berlin I & II Anhalter Str. 8-9, 10963 Berlin, Deutschland
  Salsa on 1, Level 4 - 7